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How to Set Up Sound Ducking

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How to Use Ducking in Ventrilo

This tutorial will show you what Ducking is, and how to use while on your Ventrilo server.

Ducking will cause all sounds to automatically lower, so you can hear those speaking on your server without interference. Ducking can be set to activate when you are speaking, when others are speaking, when Text-To-Speech (TTS) messages are played, or when wave files are played.

Ducking is especially useful with online gaming as it will reduce in-game sounds that can often drown out important talk on the server. Utilizing ducking can ensure that all communication on your server is received loud and clear.

Before we get started, there are some points to note regarding Ducking and Ventrilo:

  • Ventrilo supports Ducking with Windows 7 or newer operating systems. Older operating systems will not be able to utilize Ducking

  • Ducking only works in PTT mode. It will not work when Voice Activation (VA) mode is selected

  • Ducking will not work when the Ventrilo Client is run in compatibility mode

  1. To activate Ducking, first, open the Setup menu.

  2. On the Network tab click the Ducking button.

  3. Check the Transmitting (XMIT) / Enables Ducking box. This will activate Ducking when YOU are speaking on the server, and will make the remaining options clickable.

  4. Check the Receiving voice stream box to have Ducking activate when someone else is speaking on the server.

  5. Check the Text To Speech (TTS) box to have Ducking activate whenever a TTS message is played.

  6. Check the Wave files box to have Ducking activate whenever a wave file is played. The Milliseconds before restoring volume box allows you to adjust the amount of time taken before ducked sounds are returned to their normal levels. You can play with this setting until you find a good fit, or just stick with the default setting. The System Communications (Ducking) Panel button opens the Windows sound menu where you can adjust how your system handles Ducking by either muting all sounds completely, reducing volume by 50%, reducing volume by 80%, or doing nothing.

  7. Once you’ve set your Ducking options simply click OK in both the Ducking and Setup menus, and your settings will be saved, and Ventrilo will begin ducking sounds.

You have successfully completed the tutorial to setup Sound Ducking in Ventrilo.