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Ventrilo Sound Volume Normalization

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How to Setup Ventrilo Normalization

Everyone has experienced extremely loud or soft spoken users inside Ventrilo. In this tutorial we will show you how to setup sound normalization so that everyone will be broadcasted to you at the same level. This will also allow you to stop adjusting individual sound levels for each person.

  1. First open the Ventrilo client by clicking the icon on your desktop. Remain disconnected from Ventrilo while setting up Ventrilo Normalization.

  2. Click on the setup button on the right hand side.

  3. Once in setup make sure Enable Direct Sound is check marked.

  4. Click the SFX button the top right hand corner of the Ventrilo Setup window.

  5. When the Special Effects: Setup-Voice window opens make sure the Sound Effects option is toggled under type.

  6. From the Available box on the right hand side select the Compressor option and click the Add button in the middle. When you add it a new Compressor window will open. You can always come back to this window to adjust the settings.

  7. Set the Gain level to around 15. This will be the volume adjustment of how loud or quiet you want all Ventrilo users to broadcast to you at.

  8. Set the Attack to .01.

  9. Set the Release to around 500.

  10. Set the Threshold to around -30.

  11. Set the Ratio to 100.

  12. Set the Pre Delay to 4.0.

Once you have setup your Ventrilo Normalization via the compressor settings click the OK button three times to get back to the client and press the Connect button. Remember you can go back and set the Gain settings if the users are too quiet or loud.