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How quickly is my server set up?

All Ventrilo, Mumble and TeamSpeak 3 servers purchased from our website are setup instantly. Our system is completely automated and you will receive an email with your server's setup information upon completing your order. This email will contain your server's host name and port number which is used to connect to your server. The Server Setup email also contains a Username and Password that can be used to log into the online Control Panel on our website where you can manage all aspects of your service.

Where will my server be hosted?

We host Ventrilo, Mumble and TeamSpeak 3 servers in dozens of datacenters across the globe. You can view a list of all of our hosting locations on the Network Status page of our website. You are also more than welcome to try any of our hosting locations and can move your server between datacenters automatically through your Control Panel.

Can I test your service before buying a server?

You can test your connection to any of our Ventrilo, Mumble or TeamSpeak 3 servers from the Network Status page on our website. All of our test servers are configured with the Speex PC and Mac compatible voice codec. New servers are delivered to our customers with the same configuration as our test servers, so connecting to these servers will give you a very good feel for the performance of your server.

Can I test your control panel before buying a server?

We are well known for the quality of our hosting network as well as the Control Panel that we have developed for our customers. With our online Control Panel, you can manage all aspects of your server and account. We invite you to demo our Control Panel by signing up for either a Free Ventrilo Server, Free Mumble Server, or Free TeamSpeak 3 Server and checking it out for yourself.

Are your voice servers public or private?

By default, all new Ventrilo, Mumble and TeamSpeak 3 servers are configured without a global password and are therefore public servers meaning that they do not require a password to connect. However, you have complete control of your server's configurations through your online Control Panel and you can easily set up a global password to make your server private.

Are your voice servers compatible with Mac and PC?

Yes. All Ventrilo, Mumble and TeamSpeak 3 servers are set up pre-configured with the Mac and PC compatible Speex voice codec by default. Your users will be able to connect to your server and communicate with each other without any configuration changes required.

What voice quality or voice codecs do you support?

We support the full range of voice codecs including GSM and Speex at no extra charge. All new servers are configured with the highest quality Speex codec to ensure superior sound quality as well as cross-compatibility for both Mac and PC users. As with all other server settings, you can adjust your server's codec at any time through your online Control Panel.

Does it cost more to use the highest quality codecs?

There are absolutely no hidden fees with our service. We do not charge more for the highest quality voice codecs. In fact, all of our voice servers are pre-configured with the highest quality Speex codec which is both Mac and PC compatible. The only fee you will ever pay is your periodic subscription charge.

What kind of uptime can I expect?

Like all hosting companies, we aim for 100% uptime. But, due to the nature of the internet, it is not possible to guarantee 100% service availability. Because we own and operate all of our own servers, we have full control over their hardware and software configurations. This allows us to quickly diagnose and resolve problems without going through a third-party. We have maintained over 99.9% uptime since January 1st, 2008 with less than a few hours of total downtime due to routine maintenance.

What level of customer support can I expect?

Our level of Customer Support is one of the main differentiators from our competition. As a software and service company, we have developed a proprietary Customer Management System and Network Monitoring System that streamlines the service and support of our large customer base and hosting networks. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to answer your questions through our website. We also offer Telephone and Live Chat support as well. You can contact our staff by telephone or Live Chat Monday through Sunday, 8 AM to 4 AM ET.

Do you provide sponsored voice servers?

We are continuously granting sponsorships to large gaming communities. Please feel free to Contact Us with your sponsorship proposal for consideration. You can do this by sending our staff an email through our Contact Us form, followed by entering “Sponsorship Proposal” into the subject of your inquiry. If we are able to offer a sponsorship to your community, you will be contacted with more information as soon as possible.

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Live support is available Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 2 AM ET. Call our customer support team toll-free at:


If you are unable to reach us by phone, please try contacting us through our website.

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