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Add a Registered User and Setup Priority Speakers

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How to Setup a User as a Priority Speaker

Priority speaker is very handy during a raid or competitive gameplay setting. Anytime a Priority Speaker talks all other users in the channel will be attenuated. The priority speaker setting is server wide so this will follow the user around from channel to channel. If a user is a Priority Speaker a microphone icon will appear to the right of his or her name.

The following tutorials assume that you are already logged into Mumble as an administrator. If you need assistance creating and connecting to the Mumble server as an admin, please view the How to add a user to the Admin group tutorial.

  1. Right click the user that you want to set as the Priority Speaker.

  2. Select Priority Speaker from the dropdown menu.

How to Register a User to Your Mumble Server

Registering users to your Mumble server makes for very simple user management. Instead users maintaining a user password, the Mumble server will authenticate the user’s connection against their trusted certificate. If you need further assistance with Mumble’s trusted certificate please view this tutorial.

  1. With the user connected to the Mumble server, right click their name and select Register.

  2. Click the Yes button on the warning box that pops up. This warning box will be presented letting you know that the user will still have access to the Mumble server even if you change the server password. The user can however be removed from the registered users list.

  3. Next to the user’s name an icon will appear with a green plus (+) sign.

This user is now connected to the Mumble server as a registered user and will be able to continue to connect even if you change the server password.

How to Remove a Registered User from Your Mumble Server

  1. Click on Server from the top menu and select Registered Users.

  2. Select the desired username from the Registered Users list and click the Remove button to the right.

  3. Click on the OK button on the bottom of the Registered Users list.

Once you change the Mumble server’s password this user will no longer be able to connect unless they are given the new server password.