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Log in Mumble as the Super User

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Logging in as the SuperUser to a new Mumble Server

In Mumble the administrator account is known as the SuperUser. It is recommended that the SuperUser account is only used to configure the initial Administrator account on your Mumble server and is left with a secure password. No, "password" is not a secure password.

  1. Select Connect from the Server menu at the top or use the shortcut CTRL+O on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Add New button on the bottom of the "Mumble Server Connect" window.

  3. Enter a description in the label box. This will help you easily identify the different servers you connect to.

  4. Enter the Mumble Server’s hostname or IP address and port number in the appropriate box.

  5. In the Username box enter the name SuperUser.

  6. Once you enter the username SuperUser a password box will appear. Make sure you enter the correct password for the user account SuperUser.

  7. Press the OK button on the bottom. This will bring you back to the "Mumble Server Connect" window and your newly added connection information will be displayed under the Favorites list.

  8. Highlight the server name you would like to connect to and press the Connect button on the bottom of the window.

If the SuperUser password was incorrect a password box will be displayed when you attempt to connect to the server.