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Connecting to a Mumble Server

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Voice Communication for Gamers

Using the Mumble Client Setup Wizard

  1. Open the Mumble client for the first time by double clicking the icon on your desktop.

  2. Click the next button once and you will be presented with the "Device Selection" window.

    1. Select your microphone in the Input Device drop down list.

    2. Select the speakers or headset that you wish to use while connected to the Mumble server.

    3. Place a check mark next to "Enable positional audio" if you wish to have this feature enabled.

    4. Place a check mark next to "Attenuate applications while other users talk" if you wish to lower the volume of the other applications so the users can be heard easier.

  3. Click the next button twice and you will be presented with a "Volume Tuning" test. Perform the test to make sure you have selected the correct microphone device. If you have no microphone you may skip this step.

  4. Click the next button again and you will be presented with the "Voice Activity Detection" screen. You may opt to continue using the voice activation or using the recommended Push To Talk option.

    1. To set a push-to-talk hotkey, click on the circle next to "Push To Talk."

    2. Click the field right of "Push To Talk" and "Press Shortcut" will be displayed.

    3. Enter your preferred push-to-talk hotkey by pressing a key on your keyboard or a button on your mouse.

      Most users tend to use the left or right "Alt" or "Ctrl" keys.
  5. Click the next button again and you will be presented with the "Quality & Notifications screen. Here you can set the Voice Quality settings to High, Balanced or Low. For most users we recommend keeping the "Balanced" setting selected.

  6. In the "Notification settings" box, you can leave the default Text-To-Speech selected or disable any Text-To-Speech by toggling the desired option.

  7. You are almost done! Click the Next button one more time then followed by the Finish button on the bottom.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup and tested many of the basic Mumble client settings.

Using the Mumble Certificate Authentication Wizard

Once you have completed the Mumble client Wizard, the "Certificate Authentication" screen will be the next window. If you need to access the "Certificate Wizard" at a later date you can do so by clicking on the Configure menu at the top of the Mumble client window. Certificate authentication allows for a streamline user registration process and avoids the need for passwords to be handled on a website control panel.

In this window you will have 4 (four) different options:

  • Automatic Certificate Creation

    The option is only available the first time you run the "Certificate Wizard." If you choose to do so, it will create a trusted certificate on your PC that will be used to authenticate your Mumble user account to any Mumble server you connect to.

  • Create New Certificate

    This option will be used to replace the current certificate that resides on your computer. Prior to connecting to a previously used Mumble server, admins will have to remove your user account from the Registered Users list.

  • Import Existing Certificate

    Will allow you to restore a previously backed up trusted Mumble certificate.

  • Export Current Certificate

    Is used to back up your current user trusted Mumble certificate. This is handy if you move between multiple locations when connecting to your Mumble servers.

Entering a Server’s Connection Information

  1. Select Connect from the Server menu at the top or use the shortcut CTRL+O on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Add New button on the bottom of the "Mumble Server Connect" window.

  3. Enter a description in the label box. This will help you easily identify the different servers you connect to.

  4. Enter the Mumble Server’s hostname or IP address and port number in the appropriate box.

  5. In the Username box enter the name you want people to identify you as in this particular server.

  6. Press the OK button on the bottom. This will bring you back to the "Mumble Server Connect" window and your newly added connection information will be displayed under the Favorites list.

  7. Highlight the server name you would like to connect to and press the Connect button on the bottom of the window.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected to your first Mumble Server.